• Workshops with the company’s Board to develop a strategic and mutually agreed upon Plan
  • Assessment of Strategy Changes and Transformations
  • Solutions for critical issues in Collaboration with the company’s Board
  • Mediation during critical decision- or planning processes, also in M&A situations
  • Evaluation and Mediation of all subjects of Corporate Governance

Strategic Consulting for Corporations, Start-ups and Medium-Sized Businesses

Our consultants support companies of all sizes with clever analysis and sound strategic advice on their way to a successful entrepreneurial future.


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Clearing Blockades by Shareholders through Strategic Consulting.

Shareholders & SaaS Companies:

AAA Advisors was consulted to reduce and resolve a blockade originating in dissenting shareholder interests. The european SaaS company had become heavily dependent on two public institutions which refused to finance further growth. The business was at a high risk of insolvency and thus of having to close down.

Solution through Strategic Management Consulting:

AAA Advisors developed possible solutions based on several interviews and strategy workshops. Through business development consulting we assisted in resolving the conflict and securing financing.

With the technological core in a subsidiary company, the founders can now continue their business. The interests of the anchor shareholders are secured in a NewCo. The successful relaunch of the company itself has been achieved, including an expansion to Asia.


How to do it?

From a wide variety of mandates, board and strategy consulting at board level to working as management strategy consultants with start-up companies, medium-sized businesses and corporate groups – members of the AAA Advisors network bring a wide range of first-hand experience to the table. Our clients always work directly with “their” personal advisor, while at the same time having access to the knowledge of the entire AAA Advisors network.



AAA-Advisors Strategy Consulting and what makes it unique.


AAA Senior Advisors are personal coaches and strategy consultants for either the entire board or individual board members. They act as sparring partners during preparation, acquire a neutral overview of the starting situation, and focus on issues critical for success and their resolution.



AAA-Advisors continuously support the company, for example by serving on the board or preparing shareholders for board meetings.


Each AAA Senior Advisor relies on many years of experience acquired in relevant situations comparable to those of their clients. Either by serving as CRO or having worked through restructuring and optimization programs themselves as the person responsible for procurement, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing or finances – every consultant has gathered the expertise needed to develop custom-fit and viable solutions quickly and in a pragmatic manner.



Our Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors

Independent and confidential advice at eye level.

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