Dr. Klaus Mittelbach

"I love the unusual, the new - and as an mediator, I can open up these new topics for you in processes and structures and ensure that all stakeholders are on board."

Dr. Klaus Mittelbach is a scientist, manager, designer, driver, communicator and mediator, experienced in a wide variety of roles such as CEO, shareholder, managing director, chairman, advisory board member and in demand as an expert on many committees.

His decades of experience as an association manager (including 12 years as Chairman of the Management Board of the ZVEI - German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) and his deep roots in international, European and national committees - including as founder or elected Chairman - allow him to identify new topics at an early stage and to initiate and, if necessary, set up the required structures and processes. This enables him to recognize differences with an exceptionally broad view of things and to strive for joint approaches.


Today, I contribute my expertise to the strategic alignment and transformation of companies and organizations. I help to define their role in changing economic, political, social and cultural environments and to develop the potential or even necessary derivations for the business, while also making economic insights usable for companies and, where necessary, clarifying the political processes and working methods. The conclusion of what is relevant for the individual company is followed by support for the change process in each individual case.

Cross-border management of challenges at the interface between business and society with a focus on

  • Digitalization with Industry 4.0, 5G, cyber security
  • Data and platform economy
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Technological change towards the systems capability of products and companies
  • Energy transition
  • Safety and health
  • Work and prosperity
"Compromise is the harmony of interests - not 'one wins' "