Axel J. Maschka

Internationally experienced transformative leader and entrepreneurial C-suite executive with a three-decade tenure at leading automotive parts makers and automobile manufacturers in Board and Executive Committee leadership roles.

Axel has an executive & transformative leadership track record with some of the most famous names of the industry - always at the forefront of technology and at the interface between supplier and manufacturers.


Three decades in global automotive industry, worked in several continents including in Asia (China, India, Japan), in Americas and across Europe, I can advise on B2B interface between suppliers and OEMs, international business development, leading edge technologies such as electrification and autonomous driving.

I desmonstrate a Can-Do-Attitude adapted to various cultures from East Asia incl. India, via European approaches to North American Big 3 and Californian Start-ups.

  • Strategic Repositioning
  • B2B Sales and Business Development
  • „Challenger Sales“
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
"A truly globally minded leading change agent in a broad area of industries with a unique B2B experience to drive customer-oriented transformations."