AAA Senior Advisors offer readily available management expertise on an international level, due to their vast operational experience in different industries.

Our independent business consultants work with their clients as equal partners and help them achieve success by relying on field-tested and sustainable solutions


An Expert for Every Industry.

AAA Senior Advisors’ consultants, coaches and mentors draw their experience from a broad variety of industries, mainly from German businesses with an international network.

At AAA Advisors, industrial and service know-how from the automotive sector meets aerospace and aviation expertise as well as the spirit of both start-ups and financial services companies.

At your request, we will find the perfect business coach for you in no time.

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Sustainable Business Consulting for your Projects

Since establishing ourselves as coaches and mentors in 2017, we have covered projects in Germany as well as internationally in other European countries, China, Japan and Africa. Our network of advisors provides support in transforming businesses, business units or departments and helps you address the challenges of digitization.

Board & Strategy

From developing a mutually accepted strategic plan in workshops with the board of directors to finding solutions for critical individual issues by collaborating with the board – our advisors help businesses of all sizes on their way into a brighter entrepreneurial future by analyzing the current situation and providing valuable strategy advice.


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Thanks to our advisors’ independence and know-how, we are able to consult start-up companies during their set-up phase as well as later on in their daily business or strategic direction matters. Our mentors create networking opportunities with industry experts, support commitment within the team and cover the new player’s back.


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Transformation & Efficiency Enhancement

Future-oriented optimization of processes and transformations in companies of all sizes can be initiated by AAA advisors with quick analyses and accompanied by their practical experience from top positions. They support companies in finding the right levers and defining the entire process of such projects and measures.


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Sales Excellence

AAA-Advisors supports businesses wanting to expand globally and advises them on how to ideally handle international operations in non-European countries. From acting as a sparring partner to mentoring and providing operative support while building the business – AAA Advisors facilitates entering the foreign market, building a distribution network and developing new production sites.


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Leadership & Communication

These coaching and mentoring programs support businesses, executives and supervisory board members facing exceptionally challenging leadership situations.

AAA-Advisors make use of tried-and-tested, reliable methods such as ensuring stakeholder buy-in, conflict solutions as well as the development of corporate culture.


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Our Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors

Independent and confidential consulting at eye level

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Business Alliance Partner


Our Business Alliance Partners are professional partners of AAA Advisors and support our Advisors with complementary, advanced expertise and services as needed.