• Sparring Partner, Mentor and Operational Support in building the business: Market Entrance, Distribution Networks, setting up new Production Sites
  • Assessing the Operational Performance of on-site Operations and Supply Chains, e.g. in China or on the African continent, and identifying potential for Optimization
  • Coaching for Managers taking on new responsibilities abroad
  • Advice on Operational Management Issues, e.g. Recommendations for dealing with local Regulations and Codetermination
  • Support in the Optimization of local Processes and Selection of regional Partners to expand the Business
  • Solutions for Investments in Germany and Europe

Expansion on a global scale is a complex matter. As a strategic management consultancy, AAA Advisors analyzes processes, structures and completely prepares rollout into the target regions.

AAA Advisors assists companies expanding globally and supports them in handling and optimizing international operations in non-European operations.


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Management Consulting for an International Truck Manufacturer for the Expansion in Africa.

Management Consulting Africa:

The AAA Business Alliance partners analyzed the transportation market and business environment of the four largest target markets in Africa and developed a detailed micro- and macroeconomic understanding, addressing the following issues:

  • market potential
  • product and customer structure
  • local Content
  • official guidelines e.g. NOx and CO2 emission requirements
  • possible distribution partners
  • market entry specifications
  • contacts with governments and investors

3 phases of expansion:

The Advisors used a 3-phase model for organizing the project.

In the first phase, they analyzed the four most promising countries.

During the second phase, the Senior Advisors planned a visit to those four markets accompanied by the client. This included travel and network planning by AAA Advisors, that is selecting dialogue partners among relevant government officials, potential investors, business partners and distributorsas well as setting meeting agendas. Subsequently, the results from Phase 1 of the Business Development Automotive Plan were verified.

In the third and final phase 3, AAA Advisors worked with the client to ensure a smooth launch. This was achieved via contracts and agreements negotiations with a wide range of stakeholders, political support for the project, and regular exchanges and networking with the responsible parties.



The micro- and macroeconomic data records, as well as know-how gained from decades of experience in the global automotive sector, enabled AAA-Advisors to provide excellent support for the client during their expansion into Africa. AAA Advisors' global network made it possible to bring together political and economic decision makers with the client’s management.



AAA Advisors Business Coaching and what makes it unique.


Depending on their specific needs, we work with our clients in a “hands-on” manner.

We offer business workshops with the responsible parties and "walk-throughs" of operations on-site, but also support as a sparring partner and coach for managers having to operate in an unfamiliar cultural context.


Every one of our AAA Senior Advisors brings specific experiences to the table, be it strategic consulting for setting up a factory in China or Latin America, supply chain management in China or ExPat experience as an executive in several Asian cultures, Africa or Latin America. Our clients always get to work with a personal advisor with a relevant specific background and international experience.



Our Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors

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