AAA Advisors Business Alliance Partners are carefully selected partners with whom we have had very good experience for years. We know their way of working and their requirements. We know how to use them quickly and effectively in your project.

And very important: the necessary trust in the competence and professional work of the partners has developed from our experience with each other - we can rely on each other. For your benefit.

A network of experts also includes a network of strong partners. 

AAA Advisors are independent consultants who cooperate closely with each other and, if required, are happy to work with external top partners or are called in by them.

In this way, in addition to our own expertise, we make the in-depth technical know-how of our business alliance partners available to our customers for dedicated functional areas (e.g. purchasing and supply chain) or for regional markets (e.g. China, Japan, Africa).

Whether and how/when we involve partners is closely coordinated with the customer in the briefings before the start of the project.

Business Alliance Partner


Our Business Alliance Partners are professional partners of AAA Advisors and support our Advisors with complementary, advanced expertise and services as needed.