• Quick analysis of the status quo and recommendations for a restructuring program within a few days
  • Check and forecast of main EBIT- and cash flow relevant KPIs
  • Joint definition of operationalizable objectives
  • Elaboration and prioritization of measures
  • Supported creation of decision templates for both the management team and the board of supervisors

Support for businesses facing challenges during restructuring and in performance management:

With  a quick analysis of the status quo, AAA Advisors are able to introduce both optimization and restructuring for businesses of all sizes. They support companies to choose the measures fit for them and precisely define the restructuring process.


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Success Story

Business consulting for a medium-sized manufacturing company on cash flow issues.

Restructuring consulting for the mid-sized sector “Mittelstand”

AAA Advisors was asked to help a medium-sized business to improve its cash flow as well as to preserve its solvency by optimizing the working capital as fast as possible. In light of substantial liquidity shortage, the company needed a quick analysis of its financial situation. The upper management and the board of supervisors wanted a ready-for-decision plan of action that contained all necessary improvement measures.

Process and effects of AAA Advisors’ turnaround consulting

Within two weeks, a plan of action was developed in collaboration with the company’s CFO. Both a short-term increase of capital and a raise of line of credit were prevented, thanks to our experienced AAA Senior Advisor’s “outside in-view-technique” and a pinpoint in-depth analysis. Our turnaround consultant spent the needed time for the analysis on-site, right by the client’s side. A tight cooperation with stakeholders ensured an outstanding acceptance while keeping resource input low.  Moreover, the challenge of the turnaround was successfully met.


AAA-Advisors‘ restructuring consulting and what makes it unique


Thanks to their own long-standing professional experience, AAA Advisors, who have worked in equivalent positions before, know the main actions necessary for restructuring consulting. They quickly and pragmatically identify the essential entry points by asking target-oriented questions during interviews and workshops and thus help the client reach a decision and initiate the turnaround.



From carrying out the quality control of restructuring programs to working shortly but intensely with the client on-site in order to develop a plan of action – AAA Advisors are characterized by their flexibility and their ability to adapt to their client’s situation. The consultants can also function as a steady guide during the realization of measures or assume temporary responsibility for the restructuring program.


AAA Senior Advisors rely on their own long-term experiences that they acquired in relevant situations comparable to those of their clients. From having experience as CRO to having worked through restructuring and optimization programs themselves as the person responsible for procurement, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing or finances – every consultant is able to develop custom-fit and realizable solutions quickly and in a pragmatic manner.



Our Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors

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