Harald Hauke

More than 38 years with Daimler AG, 21 years thereof as CEO/COO located in different continents: Gaggenau, Rastatt, Ludwigsfelde (Germany), Enugu/Lagos (Nigeria), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Vitoria (Spain), Fuzhou (China), Monterrey (Mexico) and Beijing (China) with experiences in founding and running Joint Ventures successfully. In China I lead 2 truck plants with more than 5,000 staff members. Within my career I also lead several product launches and restructuring projects.

I have a wide range of knowledge and experiences in dealing successfully with problem solving internationally and interculturally with different stakeholders, local Government interests, cultural obstacles and different mentalities.


Thorough knowledge about all relevant processes of a company, especially shopfloor and supply chain management.

  • Problem solver and global player
  • Launch management
  • Shopfloor management
  • Digitalization from technical description to production and logistic supply chain
  • Intercultural management
Work together with the next younger generation to unite experience with the future.