Dr. Guido Krupinski

Chief Executive Advisor, Business Consultant and Interim Manager in three fields:

  • Line management at CEO, MD, COO, CTO, CRO level.
  • Program and project management in extraordinary situations: strategy change, growth, transformation, reorganisation, turnaround, cost programs, outsourcing, internationalization, integration – when a concerted and timely limited action is required to keep, regain or increase industrial performance and company value.
  • Joint venture management in order to utilize cultural differences and to avoid typical mistakes.

Guido was President & CEO, MD, Plant Manager, Branch Manager and headed diverse companies, business units and transformation programs in international assignments (Europe, South America, China). More under www.guidokrupinski.com


30 years of industrial management and consulting, thereof 16 years in the ultimate responsibility of medium-sized and large companies and business units (up to more than 3,000 employees)

Global experience abroad, including 8 years living in Argentina and China

Focus on performance and business value, involvement of all teams and stakeholders, fast, substantial, sustainable results

  • Strategy, restructuring and reorganization
  • Change processes and transformation programs
  • Operational performance, team management and leadership
  • International and intercultural collaboration
Strategy. Structure. Performance. I support and accompany you and your team in special business situations (transformation, growth, restructuring).