• Ensuring Stakeholder Buy-in, e.g. in the context of structural changes (employee representatives, work councils, management board, supervisory board, shareholders, financiers...)
  • Conflict Resolution and Support during Negotiations
  • Development of a Corporate Culture, i.e. Diversity, Practiced Compliance and similar topics
  • Assuming new Responsibilities as an accompanying Coach, etc.
  • Establishment of Modern Leadership techniques such as Swarm Intelligence, Agile Teams, Work from Home, Feedback Culture, etc.
  • Support during Selection Procedures involving various interest groups

It’s not always easy to be an executive team leader - until you collaborate with one of our management consultants for companies and supervisory boards.

With our management coaching and mentoring programs, AAA Advisors supports companies, executives, and supervisory boards in particularly challenging management situations, using well established methods.


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Success Story

How to Restore Trust between Management and Work Councils at an Automotive Supplier through Corporate Coaching.

Initial situation:

After several failed discussions and non-agreements with the work council, management felt stuck. Mistrust dominated on both sides. The gridlocked situation not only affected day-to-day business, but also strategic orientation. Various issues even ended up in labor court.

Solution contribution in coaching:

As a conflict management coach, the AAA Advisor prepared an independent, external analysis of the situation. He conducted interviews with all parties involved. The result was discussed and analyzed in-depth in a joint workshop. The consequences of non-cooperation between the parties, also with regard to external perception (e.g. customers, public), were examined. New rules for future collaboration in the form of “dos and don’ts” were agreed upon.


Consulting Result:

Through active change management consulting, both parties have learned to understand and accept each other’s differing opinions. Trust was rebuilt and the subsequent topics of negotiation were defined and scheduled. The conflict gradually disappeared from the public spotlight.



AAA Advisors Corporate Coaching and what makes it unique.


All AAA Advisors rely on many years of experience in leadership, which they have applied to difficult situations numerous times.

We ensure lasting consulting success for your business.



Conventional hierarchical structures and decision-making models are gradually becoming obsolete. Learning organizations and organizational intelligence, as well as intercultural communication are growing more and more important due to digitization - this is also true for business coaching. Our network’s advisors accompany you and your employees on the path to a modern leadership culture - from development to implementation.


Our Senior Advisors possess in-depth understanding and leadership know-how that they can apply according to individual challenges and situations. We work with leadership teams or individual managers, in specific leadership training, coaching and mentoring situations as well as in group workshops. This also includes support during negotiations.


Our Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors

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