• Themes relating to corporate culture and the matching management styles
  • Integration of different corporate cultures during or after M&A processes
  • Support when taking on new tasks in top management
  • Leadership issues in any form of business model transformation
  • Ensuring buy-in from all stakeholders in the context of structural changes
  • Support within selection processes involving various interest groups
  • Building ESG expertise and digital competence in your supervisory and management bodies

Taking responsibility!

A real leader is one who makes mistakes, not finger pointing.

"Leaders who blame others instead of taking responsibility themselves are not suitable for leadership."

Challenge your status quo, become a true leader.

Together with you, we will build the bridge between the proven old and the meaningful new.


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From the Practice: Use Case #4

The boldness to reset: how the turnaround succeeds with the matching management team

Initial Situation & Challenge

Have you experienced this as well? In the last years repeatedly replaced the senior executive or the managing director without success!? All these changes led (of course) to a massive uncertainty of the staff. The consequences include stagnation in product development, lack of acquisition of new customers, collapse in profitability and thus serious risks for the continuation of the company.

Approach & Implementation

The owners pressed the "reset" button. An experienced AAA advisor took over as interim manager and managing director with the clear task of rectifying the situation in all dimensions. After an intensive three-month analysis phase and many one-on-one meetings, the action phase followed: the separation from part of the previous management was the central measure at management level; equally important was the initiation of measures to build trust among the workforce. 

At the same time, the owners and the AAA advisor worked out the target profiles of the (future) business managers in a strategy workshop. On this basis, the right business managers for the challenges ahead were recruited.



The two new business managers acted with a changed allocation of functions, and the focus was also on the further development of the products in terms of content. The sales and production processes were reorganized, and new customer acquisition was given greater priority on the basis of improved use of the instruments in the marketing area.

With the return to the previous returns, the consistent appointment of a suitable new management team, the solid basis for the future direction was laid. The workforce is again proactive with its own ideas and suggestions and has confidence in a positive future.



AAA Advisors Corporate Coaching and what makes it unique.


Of course we don't assume that you can't lead. And no, we do not advise on the basis of old, middle-aged or new theoretical leadership models.

But when it comes to matters of corporate culture, transformation processes and conflicts, an outside perspective makes a significant contribution to performance.


What do we do for you?

We support you in all aspects of leadership and communication.

Whenever you are in the midst of major changes, be it in your corporate culture, in transformations of any kind, or in multi-faceted conflicts.

Why AAA-Advisors?

Because we use the experience we have gained over many years at C-level, across industries and company sizes, to act as your sparring partner or coach.

We accompany you in your mission, for a few hours, a few days or over a period of time of your choice.


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