Diana Perez

Diana Perez has expierence of more than 30 years in marketing and communications. She worked for a long time on the agency side, then successfully on the side of branded companies and corporations.
Diana Perez manages to break down complex marketing and communications challenges into concrete work steps. She supports CEOs and managers in repositioning and digitally transforming their brands and marketing.
In this change process, she successfully engages all stakeholders and works with them to develop strategies that give people direction and serve as clear guardrails for everyone to achieve the agreed goals.


I see myself as an enabler for my clients. The core question is: How can we strengthen and deepen the customer relationship? From this, I derive ambitious goals for the company together with my clients - and develop a program to realize them.

Typical topics of my work are

  • Brand relaunch, repositioning e.g. due to new business models or M&A processes
  • Development of the marketing and sales organization into an effective change powerhouse
  • Development, alignment and management of the corporate brand
  • Establishment of a value-oriented corporate culture (purpose, vision, mission) to sustainably strengthen the employer brand
Develop direction, achieve goals, with you!