Diana Perez

How are digital business models created?

Our authors Diana Perez (member of AAA Advisors and the German Digital Advisory Boards) and Thomas Zimmerer (German Digital Advisory Boards) summarize the most important questions for the development of digital business models in a few charts.

Of course, questions like these are not only relevant for start-ups. Rather, and more frequently in consulting practice, it is about the transformation to digital business models for long-established companies. Particularly in SMEs, the associated challenges represent process design-, project- and change-management tasks that can only be mastered with - affordable - external support in addition to "day-to-day business".

This is what we are here for - you can count on the experience of the advisors that you will find at the German Digital Advisors and in our network of AAA Advisors. And of course, where necessary, we will put together the most suitable teams for the task at hand.

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You will find a 1-pager summary as pdf here.

Images: Reproduced with the permission of the authors (copyright)

About the author
Diana Perez

Diana Perez has more than 25 years of experience in strategic marketing and leadership roles. She worked for a long time on the agency side, then successfully in SMEs and corporations.

As a transformational leader, Diana Perez knows how to break down complex challenges into concrete work steps. She supports CEOs and managers in the repositioning and digital transformation of their corporate and product brands as well as marketing and sales.

In this process of change, she successfully involves all stakeholders and develops strategies with them that give people orientation and serve as clear guidelines for everyone to achieve the agreed goals.