Dr. Nico A. Siegel

Nico A. Siegel looks back on more than a decade as a successful CEO and MD in the WPP Group, most recently as Executive Managing Director of Infratest dimap GmbH, a company known for its political research. Committed, empathetic and with a strict orientation on agreed goals, he focuses on strategic issues of positioning and competitive advantage, leadership in change processes and the development of profitable customer relationships in the B2B sector. He is passionately involved in the continued development of companies and public organizations, especially with regard to the impact of social and economic dynamics (www.siegeladvice.de).


As CEO and Managing Director, he brings many years of experience in leading teams of different business units. His focus is on P&L performance optimization, portfolio development, customer-centric high performance culture. His expertise is based on the variety of projects and initiatives such as reorganizations, brand integration, inclusion & diversity, big pitches, etc. As a "seasoned" political consultant and social researcher, he always keeps an eye on the impact of relevant macro trends from politics, business and society for his clients.

  • Strategy: concepts, milestones and their implementation, (re)positioning
  • Leading with Impact: Optimal development of leadership potential and performance; communication and PR optimization; promotion and preparation of high potentials for leadership tasks
  • Performance: P&L optimization; team and employee development
  • Top performance in B2B customer consulting through "trusted advisor" training and coaching of managers and teams
  • Change leadership

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Dr. N. Siegel

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