Dr. Nico A. Siegel

The Energy Transition in Transport - Hydrogen as an Alternative?

Sustainability using the example of hydrogen fuel cells for commercial vehicles:

The energy turnaround in transport relies primarily on battery-electric vehicles. Is there a place for fuel cell - hydrogen propulsion? 

Energy supply and sustainability move people in business and politics, and especially when it comes to the topic of transport. AAA-Advisors tackled the particularly hot potato of "alternative drive concepts" this week at a joint event with the Financial Expert Association FEA and PWC in Stuttgart. In front of around 50 invited guests, Dr. Matthias Jurytko, CEO of Cellcentric, highlighted the topic in a differentiated way using the example of commercial vehicles for long-distance use in his first-class keynote speech "Sustainability through hydrogen".

Wolfgang Widlewski of AAA-Advisors moderated the subsequent expert panel and discussion. Questions about the development of an infrastructure for hydrogen supply, the costs and benefits from the point of view of players on the market and, above all, the political openness to promote alternative drive concepts were the focus of a lively discussion. Albert Kirchmann, AAA expert and member of the Supervisory Board at MAN Truck&Bus SE, emphasized the responsibility of decision-makers in companies and politics: "There is no doubt about it: sustainability is an integral part of contemporary corporate strategy, and the Supervisory Board and Executive Board each have a special responsibility here. Ensuring the necessary incentives and infrastructure for alternative technologies is and remains a priority task for policymakers."


Image left: Courtesy W.Hasselmann on unsplash . In the picture on the right (FEA) the AAA-Advisors Wolfgang Widlewski (2.f.r.) and Albert Kirchmann (2.f.l.)

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