Beate Haimerl-Neubauer

Brands make markets!

From my more than 25 years in international business at decision-maker level, I know how true this iron law of marketing is. Regardless of the culture or product category, people look for brand values that match their own values. 
In order to develop markets, these values need to be worked out. Positioning their strength in the competitive environment, communicating and implementing them in a brand-appropriate way is my passion, which I have been able to apply in a variety of markets on all continents.


As a long-standing member of the management board of König Ludwig International, a brand holding company with international operations, Beate Haimerl-Neubauer's work focused on market and brand development in mostly non-European markets.
Cooperation with local companies requires the recognition of economic and operational requirements and the ability to meet them sustainably. Regardless of the cultural or product category, it is always a matter of recognizing the economic relevance in order to achieve market-attractive implementations and secure them in the long term.

  • Brand strategy, brand concepts and their implementation in defined markets
  • B2B consulting and development of B2C offers
  • Intercultural competence
  • Development of new markets
  • Development of new brands
"Brand power is the heartbeat of your company's success"