Marita Lintener

With more than 30 years of management experience, Marita has built up a strong global reputation in the transport, aviation & aerospace sector and acquired skills that are transferable to any other industry. She has worked with all industry partners along the value chain, from Lufthansa and other major airlines to the European Commission, international agencies and public-private partnerships.


Marita is committed to strategic thinking and to creating new opportunities for people and businesses - by constantly identifying new ways of doing even better. Her deep understanding of national & European regulation, lobbying processes and governance requirements proves most useful in this context.

Marita advocates for the acceptance of ambiguity, to allow rapid implementation of necessary changes in fast-changing business contexts.

  • Leadership in Intercultural, Diverse Global Teams
  • Expertise & Network in European Regulatory Affairs & EU Governance
  • Transformation of Mobility Business Models, in Digitization and Sustainability
  • Stakeholder Management & Alignment Processes
  • Individual Coaching, Mediation & Sparring Partner
"My special skills of connecting networks, creating alignment, and cutting through different hierarchy layers allow me to deliver future-oriented, sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders. I am dedicated to transforming ideas into action, to make a difference that matters."