• Positioning of the business and sharpening the Value Proposition
  • Establishing Contacts with Customers and Partners
  • Preparation of Pitch Decks, Business Plans and Discussions with potential Investors and banks for Capital Acquisition and Start-up Financing
  • Organizational development as well as early Establishment of Governance Structures
  • Selection and Composition of First-class Teams

Growth for start-ups and young companies.

As coaches in start-up consulting, our Senior Advisors support founders planning financing, growth and focus on the future.


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Consulting for a Start-Up with Global Growth Ambitions with Innovative B2B Data

Angels in Business Consulting.

Making day-to-day decisions on the business’s focus, investment priorities and funding options became both necessary and difficult for the start-up’s founder to handle on his own. Fortunately, the company could count on an AAA Advisor who had invested into the start-up as a business angel and also served on the advisory board.

Finding a Solution through Strategic Start-Up Coaching.

The AAA Advisor helped with the drawing up of both business and liquidity plans, the establishment of a sounding board as well as workshops to align ongoing adjustments to the business model.

He supported the installment of another sounding board helping the founder in major business decisions. Required resources, teams, and contacts with potential customers were established, the financing strategy was fleshed out and a pitch deck was created.



The Start-Up Advice from AAA-Advisors and what makes it unique.

Business Angels.

Many AAA Advisors are involved in start-ups as investors, business angels, business coaches or as advisory board members – besides being active members in a variety of business angel networks.

Successful Networks.

Our network’s advisors and coaches know the challenges of prioritizing internal resources, being innovative and working on the product -   without losing sight of the strategic focus.

They have guided many companies and start-ups through multiple rounds of funding and can bring this expertise to the table when it comes to dealing with and selecting investors.

 At the same time, AAA Advisors know the "corporate world" and can establish valuable contacts within their networks in start-up coaching in order for the new company to succeed.



The Senior Advisors have often experienced comparable situations themselves before, e.g. as CRO, in restructuring or optimization programs serving in specific positions such as purchasing, logistics, supply chain, production or finance. Each advisor is able to quickly and pragmatically develop custom-fit and viable solutions and can draw on a large business network.



Our Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors

Independent and confidential advice at eye level.

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