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Success-Story #3

"out of fresh cash" - startup achieves a swift resolution at board level

Start-up needs fresh money, or is there another way?

Initial situation & problem definition: 

A SaaS start-up with worldwide patented technology and an established board of directors was mainly financed by two public investors in addition to the founders during the seed phase.

When, due to the crisis, revenues did not grow fast enough and the company was "out of fresh cash" and a planned Series A round was not possible, neither the public investors nor new, external investors were willing to continue financing the company. The representatives of the public investors saw no other option than to liquidate the company. Fortunately, one of our AAA advisors sat on the board of directors; to him, this seemed clearly too short of a solution. He therefore devised an elegant solution *) and implemented it together with the founders.


*) As this is a very effective, but complex and confidential solution, you are welcome to discuss details in a personal conversation with our AAA Advisors Member colleague Thomas Meyer.

AAA-Advisors: Restructuring resolves conflicts and secures sufficient financing

Solution Approach & Implementation: 

With an independent analysis of the situation regarding the market (proof of concept and proof of market were positively established) and existing assets (worldwide patents), our AAA colleague worked out a mutually acceptable restructuring solution via NewCos in numerous interviews with the capital providers. In order to achieve buy-in from all conflicting stakeholders, including the founders, the proposed solution was first presented separately to the individual shareholders, further refined in each case and then finally presented and accepted in a shareholders' meeting.


The founders and the business angels were able to maintain the business they had built up so far via a (new) subsidiary, i.e. the founders' idea and their technology survived. In the new operating unit, the business reached break-even within 12 months without further financing, and the founders were able to further successfully develop the business in new verticals nationally and internationally. 

The public investors were able to prevent write-offs with the security of the underlying patents (in a new portfolio company) and recover their outstanding loans through royalties and through revenue sharing.



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