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Use Case #4: Boldness to Reset!

From the Practice: Use Case #4

The boldness to reset: how the turnaround succeeds with the matching management team


Initial situation & problem

Have you ever experienced this? In the last years several times the leading executive or the managing director has been replaced without success! All these changes led (of course) to a massive uncertainty of the staff. The consequences include stagnation in product development, lack of acquisition of new customers, slump in profitability and thus serious risks for the continuation of the company.


Solution approach & implementation

The owners hit the "reset" button. An experienced AAA advisor took over as interim manager and CEO with the clear task of rectifying the situation in all dimensions. After an intensive three-month analysis phase and many one-on-one meetings, the action phase followed: the separation from part of the previous management was the central measure at management level; equally important was the initiation of measures to build trust among the workforce.

At the same time, the owners and the AAA advisor worked out the target profiles of the (future) business managers in a strategy workshop. On this basis, the right business managers were recruited to meet the challenges ahead.



The two new business managers operated with a changed assignment of functions, and the focus was also on the further development of the products in terms of content. The sales and production processes were reorganized, and new customer acquisition was given greater priority on the basis of improved use of the instruments in the marketing area.

With the return to the previous returns, the consistent appointment of a suitable new management team, the solid basis for the future direction was laid. The staff is again proactive with its own ideas and suggestions and has confidence in a positive future.

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Frithjof Punke

Frithjof Punke has more than 40 years of professional experience as a senior C-level executive. He worked in various HR positions, as Change Manager, Organizer and Head of Purchasing Brazil in Daimler’s commercial vehicle division, and for the last 10 years of his career as global head of HR.

Punke served as Vice President of the employers’ association PfalzMetall and was a member of the Karlsruhe University Council.