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ScMI AG strengthens AAA Advisors network as new Business Alliance Partner

ScMI AG strengthens the AAA Advisors network as a new Business Alliance Partner

The AAA Advisors are pleased to announce another new partner, ScMI AG, which enriches our expert network. The acronym of the "Aktiengesellschaft für Zukunftsgestaltung und strategische Unternehmensführung" (Corporation for future design and strategic corporate management), founded in 1998, stands for "Scenario Management International". The scenario technique has long proven itself as a management tool. Well-structured scenarios that realistically cover the range of what is possible or expected are increasingly becoming a necessary basis for decision-making. As a specialist, ScMI supports companies and organizations in the development of knowledge about the future, the targeted development of scenarios and the derivation of visionary strategies and business models, as well as in innovation and change management. The claim summarized from this: "We make the future shapable".

In AAA Advisors' projects, advice is often provided along the lines of scenarios - for this reason alone, the Business Alliance of AAA Advisors and ScMI is attractive for the partners and thus also for the customers. The moderated and structured development of future scenarios for many industries, markets and also institutions or needs of the public sector can ideally complement the work of AAA Advisors.

Scenarios that diverge in an appropriate range are the basis for future-robust business and corporate strategies. Possible changes in the market environment are systematically anticipated and can drive the development of new products, services and business models and thus open up the necessary alignment to future needs and markets ready for decision.

This applies to overarching topics (e.g., "Post-Corona Strategies" or "Scenarios for the Future of Africa") as well as to industry- or product-related "Future Impulses" (e.g., "Scenarios for Tourism in Bavaria in 2040" or work on location development and business promotion). Change processes, e.g. in technology management or human resources, can also be addressed.

The website of ScMI AG ( also offers published reports for download on several other topics not mentioned here, although due to the nature of the consulting business most projects and resulting scenarios are confidential.

We AAA Advisors look forward to a lively, fruitful collaboration for our clients! Welcome, ScMI!


Pictures: ScMI AG, Lighthouse: William Bout auf

ScMI's Leadership Team: Hanna Jürgensmeier, Alexander Fink (Vorstand), Jens-Peter Kuhle (from left)

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For the last two years, he has been supporting young tech firms and helped social institutions with pro-bono advice.