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Letting go ...

Letting go is the beginning of empowerment and perhaps the least celebrated focus of successful leadership culture. 

No one I know puts it so clearly in word and deed as Stefanie Peters, founder of enable2grow, partner of AAA-Advisors and member of the supervisory board of shjft AG. 

I envy you, dear Stefanie, for your year on the boat, I will miss you as a preferred sparring partner for a year, but I can already confirm that you have put all roles in the right hands - i.e. let go perfectly!

Your text on this is inspiring: and the link to the HBR article presented there I also like to share here:

All AAA Advisors wish you and your crew a safe journey on your great sailing adventure. And we look forward to seeing you again in about a year!



Picture from  Pham Chung


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Throughout his operative career, Thomas has learnt to successfully build, grow, and manage a significant number of businesses in the wider world of B2B Finance, in international C-level positions with ABB Group and J.P. Morgan.