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AAA Advisors visited Obrist Development Center Lindau

AAA Advisors visited Obrist Development Center Lindau

The iconic building formerly used by inventor Felix Wankel is once again used for research. The AAA Advisors were given the opportunity to get to know the concept for the production of aFuel ® and to see the demonstrator in operation.

Obrist Group CEO Frank Obrist follows 3 maxims in his "3rd Millennium Doctrine":

"1. free humankind from fossil energy through liquefied solar power
2. reduce the global temperature by removing fossil carbon from air
3. create food, prosperity and peace for all people on earth"

In order to reverse all the damage that humanity has caused over the last hundred years, he believes that once CO2 neutrality has been achieved, the CO2 content in the atmosphere must be reduced even further. "CO2-negative energy production is climate-positive", so the production of aFuel® should not only enable CO2 neutrality, but also continue to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than is required for aFuel ® and thus be CO2-negative.

For this purpose, electricity from solar cells is used extremely cheaply in the Earth's Sun Belt to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, process the hydrogen produced with CO2 into "green" methanol and use this alcohol as an easily transportable energy carrier, e.g. as fuel for small engines that are always running at optimum efficiency, which - battery-buffered - supply the electricity for the electric motors driving a vehicle. More details on Obrist's process can be found here  in graphics and on methanol production e.g. here.

A detailed description would certainly go beyond the scope of the news here, so please refer to the PDF available for download on our website.

What we saw on site: CO2 extraction from the atmosphere with proof of CO2 reduction by comparing the CO2 values of the atmosphere sucked in and the outflow, CO2 proof by experiment, water electrolysis, methanol as output of the reaction of hydrogen with CO2, as well as separated pure carbon; also some very nice historical RO80 with Wankel engine (undoubtedly appropriate to the history of the building!) and new demonstrators or vehicles with the realized aFuel®/electric drive.

The pilot plant demonstrates the functionality of the process and shows how it can be implemented in large-scale plants with comparatively very low operating costs, which can make a contribution to the sustainable decarbonization of the atmosphere.

For us at AAA Advisors, this is undoubtedly an eye-opener and an impulse that will leave a lasting impression.

The Obrist Group (headquarters: Lustenau/Vorarlberg) will use the International Vienna Motor Symposium  on April 26, 2024 10h30 a.m. to present its development to a critical expert audience. We AAA Advisors would like to thank Frank Obrist and his team for the great insight they have given us and wish the development groundbreaking success!


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