Dr. Albert X. Kirchmann

Guiding Principles of Work at AAA-Advisors

Values and Principles of Work at AAA-Advisors

"It is important that our customer know the values and guiding principles that govern our work." (Dr. Albert X. Kirchmann, Coordinator, AAA-Advisors Board & Strategy)


Customer OrientationOur top priority is to understand the needs and goals of our customers and provide customized solutions.
ConfidentialityWe treat all customer information with utmost confidentiality and ensure a secure and protected working environment.
ProfessionalismWe always act professionally and adhere to ethical standards to earn and maintain the trust of our customers.
Strategic AlignmentWe place great emphasis on a long-term strategic perspective to promote the success of our customers and enable sustainable growth.
Expertise and ExperienceThrough our extensive expertise and years of experience in board memberships and strategy, we offer added value to our customers through informed advice.
TeamworkWe rely on close collaboration with our customers, fostering a partnership to achieve the best results together.
InnovationWe stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our field and promote the use of innovative approaches and technologies to give our customers a competitive advantage.
SustainabilityWe consider economic, environmental, and social aspects in our work to promote long-term sustainability and social responsibility.
Results OrientationWe focus on measurable outcomes and set clear goals to maximize the success of our customers.
Willingness to LearnWe are open to feedback and continuous learning to continually develop ourselves and provide the best possible advice to our customers.




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    About the author
    Dr. Albert X. Kirchmann

    Dr. Albert X. Kirchmann has 30 years of experience in top management positions.

    He worked as CFO, head of strategy and product planning in Daimler’s global commercial vehicles unit. Most recently he held the position of CEO and chairman of Daimler Trucks & Buses Asia and Mitsubishi. Furthermore, he served on the board of various chambers of commerce and of the automotive association.

    Dr. Kirchmann is currently an active member of multiple supervisory and advisory boards as well as non-profit organizations.