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Real Future - or the Real New

Real Future

A seemingly small but weighty thought from Julian and Matthias Horx from their new book "The Future:Project", or why we at AAA-Advisors scrutinize business models so closely according to purpose.

The real future - or the real new - appears when innovations come together with realistic intentions for human well-being. When the social and the technical come into connection. And when this results in systems that can develop and refine themselves - a positive technological evolution.

A solar collector alone does not make a good energy system. But a CO2-free energy network that benefits the people who build and operate it - that would be the a piece of the future.

The truly new is an elegant dance between the proven old, the creative new (innovations that are not simply created for sales reasons) and the truly meaningful.


Source for text and image: Julian Horx, Matthias Horx, The Future:Project, 2023

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