Winfried Hagenhoff

Dr. Thorsten Bosch AG is our new Business Alliance Partner

Although the members of the AAA Advisors network all work independently, they frequently receive requests that exceed their own capacity or have special requirements. For this purpose, we primarily rely on our Business Alliance Partners ("BAP") - they contribute specific know-how, take over larger project parts or entire projects.

We are therefore very pleased to have gained another "BAP" in Dr. Thorsten Bosch AG, who can significantly strengthen us in two areas:

Dr. Thorsten Bosch is an expert in B2B negotiations and has been preparing CEOs, managers, and sales and distribution teams for decisive negotiations for more than 25 years. In the context of supply chain problems, energy price shocks and far-reaching changes in legislation, all negotiating partners often find themselves in a highly complex starting position. In such situations, but also in sales, purchasing and M&A negotiations in general, you can only achieve an optimal result with the best preparation. Thorsten Bosch and his team are our partner for this and will therefore also be your partner in the future.

The second business area, 'Change Dynamics', revolves around the connection between change management and leadership. In contrast to and/or in addition to classical process optimization, the team of Dr. Thorsten Bosch AG focuses on the human side of change processes. Many important change projects fail due to internal resistance and old routines. Thanks to his expertise in group dynamics and leadership performance, Dr. Thorsten Bosch can ensure that your next change project is brought to a successful conclusion.

The fact that Thorsten Bosch also offers a business lounge for seminars, trainings, offsite meetings and conferences in a beautiful location directly at the Ammersee - in a converted former estate with a magical ambience - completes the offer.

Let's have a great cooperation in our Business Alliance network - welcome Dr. Thorsten Bosch AG!By the way, the overview of our Business Alliance partners can be found at the bottom of the page:

Image source: "symbolized network": own creation using prompts to the AI tool Midjourney

About the author
Winfried Hagenhoff

Winfried - formerly at Lufthansa, TNS and WPP’s Kantar- is an experienced Senior Executive Advisor. He loves to advise on innovative products and services based on empirical data, and to transform advice into strategy for brands and customer experience. As a former CTO/COO, he is passionate about tech-driven innovations, especially regarding mobility (Auto, Travel, Transport, Sharing), communication, health, public services, and production.

Beside his activities as a Board Member (Verwaltungsrat) in the Swiss based  Bochmann Consulting AG, he has been for some years -and still is- supporting young tech firms and helped social institutions with pro-bono advice.