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Flashlights for the Supervisory Board in 2023 - Business strategy

Flashlights for the Supervisory Board in 2023 - Business Strategy

Our partner Financial Experts Association e.V. (FEA) not only shined at the Governance Summit 23, but also set five very pragmatic and relevant points for the focus '23 of all our board work under the motto "positive, not less bad", asking whether the strategy adopted by the boards contains:

- KPI's appropriate to the digital business model
- Cyber resilience and IT security
- ESG stress testing and risk management
- "cradle to cradle" as an innovation opportunity
- Supervisory Board staffing outside of the usual comfort zone

If you already have all this - great. If not, we at AAA-Advisors are happy to help you implement it together with our network of partners.
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Throughout his operative career, Thomas has learnt to successfully build, grow, and manage a significant number of businesses in the wider world of B2B Finance, in international C-level positions with ABB Group and J.P. Morgan.