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Advisory Board Vacancy?

Experience counts - professional assumption of responsibility in supervisory and advisory board mandates

An arithmetical 200 years (*) of experience in current mandates of our AAA Advisors are an impressive amount of consulting commitment, of fulfilment of responsibility and above all of "collective wisdom", which are brought into the current work of the AAA Advisors. Our clients benefit from the lively exchange of experience among the members - hardly any challenge is unfamiliar to the sum of the members and every client can rely on the strength of the AAA Advisors network, especially with regard to supervisory board and advisory board mandates.

Speaking of responsibility: Every supervisory board or advisory board mandate involves entrepreneurial co-responsibility, also in legal terms. Increasing complexity - in the matter as well as legally - makes the role of supervisory or advisory board members more critical to success, but above all more beneficial and thus more important. This is precisely why experience pays off: Recognizing opportunities and risks, evaluating them and, if required, searching for alternatives in the network, actively calling in further know-how if appropriate, demanding diversity and also contrary views, discussing controversially if necessary and finally finding the probably best solution and driving decisions jointly in the board - all this draws its quality from many years of experience.

The CVs of our members on AAA-Advisors.Net or on LinkedIn show in detail which background from management consulting, auditing, tax consulting, industry, startup scene etc. will contribute to a possible mandate. Please contact us for further information - any AAA Advisors member or the staff in our office (089-21265353) will be happy to help you with the initial contact to the most suitable AAA Advisor.

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(*) We should be able to prove numbers of this kind, so here are a few details: with currently 12 supervisory board mandates, 10 GmbH advisory board mandates and another 14 honorary or pro-bono advisory board functions, AAA Advisors members are actively committed! And experience counts: Behind the current supervisory board mandates there are approx. 70 years of experience from these mandates, behind the GmbH advisory board mandates another approx. 60, the honorary and pro bono advisory board functions strike with approx. 75 years of participation from the current mandates. All in all, 36 active mandates with over 200 years of cumulative experience from these functions - even though the time committed to each supervisory board or advisory board mandate, including preparation and follow-up, "only" amounts to around 10-30 working days per year - as long as no crisis management is pending.

Experience naturally also includes terminated mandates: 26 former supervisory board mandates, 11 former GmbH advisory board mandates and some former pro bono engagements add up to a further 45 mandates with over 350 years of performing corresponding functions.

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About the author
Winfried Hagenhoff

Winfried - formerly at Lufthansa, TNS and WPP’s Kantar- is an experienced Senior Executive Advisor. He loves to advise on innovative products and services based on empirical data, and to transform advice into strategy for brands and customer experience. As a former CTO/COO, he is passionate about tech-driven innovations, especially regarding mobility (Auto, Travel, Transport, Sharing), communication, health, public services, and production.

For the last two years, he has been supporting young tech firms and helped social institutions with pro-bono advice.