Wolfgang Widlewski

Opportunities and risks in China from the viewpoint of the Supervisory Board

Congratulations to a very successful event on opportunities and risks in China from the perspective of the supervisory board are said by AAA Advisors as a member company of the FEA!

The importance of China for world trade was once again made abundantly clear. In the end, it is important for all of us to find a renewed common path with China in the future, taking into account partnership, trust and compliance.

At AAA Advisors we have a lot of experience in doing business and dealing with Chinese partners. And we are not afraid to work together with our Business Alliance Partners as experts with deep specialization in China (China Competence Ltd.) as well as in Germany (e.g. for complex negotiations when entering new markets: Conneum8 GmbH). So contact us how we can accompany you in your challenges in the Chinese market

By the way, and as a Save the Date note: remember the next FEA presence event in Stuttgart will take place under the leadership of AAA-Advisors in collaboration with Cellcentric on the topic of decarbonization and the associated challenges on 17.10.2023.

















Picture: edited by using own fotos and elements of https://financialexperts.eu/events/fea-praesenzveranstaltung-in-stuttgart-china-chancen-und-risiken-aus-der-sicht-des-aufsichtsrats/

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In 2019 Interim CFO as Board Member for 8 months in a global 4 billion turnover company with more than 10,000 employees.