Welcome, Dr. Guido Krupinski!

Welcome, Dr. Guido Krupinski!
A further Senior Executive Advisor enriches our network: we are very pleased to welcome Dr. Guido Krupinski, our 21st AAA Advisor. Guido, welcome to our community!

Guido Krupinski brings 26 years of industrial management experience. For 16 years he was responsible for medium-sized and large business units with more than 3000 employees each. At Daimler he gained broad international experience, e.g. in Argentina, Mexico, Japan and China.

His professional career includes positions such as branch manager, plant manager, general manager and most recently president and CEO of an OEM joint venture in China.

Not very many managers have gained their leadership experience the way Guido Krupinski has, both on the sales and marketing side and in production environments such as foundry, forge, engine plant and car assembly. Bringing together different corporate cultures and leading teams to peak performance has been a daily challenge for him in Daimler's joint ventures with Mitsubishi, Nemak, Evonik, Valmet, Nissan and BAIC.

As a team player, his focus is on engaging all stakeholders with the goal of significantly increasing success and thus company value, true to his motto "Business Success Together!"

The four core areas of his consulting activities are spontaneously clear from his vita:
- Strategy, restructuring and reorganization
- Change processes and transformation programs
- Operational performance, team management and leadership
- International and intercultural cooperation
This competence further strengthens the "synapses" in our network of freelance consultants - because the combined competence of all our members is always stronger than the sum of the competences of the individual consultants .

Welcome, Guido!