Dr. Wolf Bay

In a 28-year career with Daimler, I established a proven track record in financial services for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. I founded and led many Daimler subsidiaries in China and developed them from their first steps into valuable profit contributors.

I still live in China, having worked here for more than 20 years. During this time, I have gained broad insights into this fascinating country through collaboration with Chinese enterprises and government agencies at all levels.


I focus on financial services, mobility and finance in general, with issues ranging from strategic, to customer and operational aspects.

I know how to do business in China and how to work with start-ups.

  • Experience in Chinese Culture & Language
  • Financial Services
  • Company Set-ups
  • Digitization
  • Team Building & Coaching
"I am passionate about helping my clients be successful - jointly removing roadblocks and using digital opportunities to create solutions for the future. Having led cross-cultural teams, I enjoy bringing people together and developing team potentials."