Dr. Stefan Schmitgen

Stefan, former Senior Partner with McKinsey, is a seasoned senior advisor with 30 years of experience in international top management consulting. He enjoys advising senior teams on aligning their strategic agenda and is passionate about technology-driven innovation. Stefan also works as angel investor for data-driven start-ups.


Stefan builds on a broad experience in professional services and the tech and telecom industries. During his time at McKinsey, he successfully led transformation programs for clients around the globe – from Europe and the US to many Asian markets, including Japan, China and India.

Having lived and worked in Asia for 9 years, he has a profound understanding of multicultural environments and challenges.

Stefan is a business builder. During his time at McKinsey, he successfully developed the company’s Asian Telecom and Media practices. More recently, he has been supporting young tech companies as investor, board member and advisor.

  • Strategic Direction Setting & Alignment with Top Teams
  • Leadership in an Intercultural Environment
  • Management of Change Processes & Transformation Programs
  • Growth Agenda & Entrepreneurship
"Stefan is passionate about helping his clients find success through his advice. His goal always is to join forces with his clients and unleash energy for growth and business success, helping management teams develop a joint and realizable agenda for action. In the process, he enjoys collaborating with both senior executives and young entrepreneurs."