Klaus H. Hofmann

With my professional life in the industrial environment, I know very well which adjusting screws have to be turned in the complex market environment (e.g.) of a machine manufacturer or Tier1 supplier (e.g. hydraulics) in order to achieve a sustainable positive result and increase the company value.Over many years I have gained extensive experience in this area and am very familiar with the do's and don'ts.

I have been able to assess, manage and develop operations at various locations around the world. For me, operations encompass the actual production and all associated processes in order to produce sustainably and economically with the required quality standards. In addition to management basics such as involving employees and the correct interpretation of figures, data and facts, I was also able to use my "entrepreneurial gut feeling" to make quick and correct decisions.


Building a company with the right people at the right place and developing it sustainably in the global environment

  • Creating a unique management culture -->  the right person at the right place
  • Restructuring of companies --> lean processes in flat hierarchies
  • Sustainable cost reduction through on-site responsibility --> Six Sigma or PDCA
  • Build a regional production footprint --> local-4-local
  • Sustainable and efficient supply chain --> Purchasing and supplier strategy
  • Constructive involvement of employee representatives

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K. Hofmann

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The U.S. author William Saroyan formulated "Experience is the sum of mistakes made divided by one's own stupidity!"

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