Gerd Kleinmann

Gerd Kleinmann brings more than 40 years of professional experience to his consulting work, including 20 years as a senior executive in large and medium-sized companies and as CEO of a family-owned car dealership group.

Gerd Kleinmann sees himself as a sparring partner for his clients and is convinced that with this cooperation even the best leaders can become even better.


Gerd Kleinmann achieves his entrepreneurial success as an executive coach and consultant. For over 25 years, he has helped CEOs and managers to perform effectively, manage professional change and lead employees effectively. Gerd Kleinmann sees it as an essential task to constructively mirror the self- and 3rd-party-image of his clients and their personal impact. In this way, he first awakens his clients' awareness for behavioral changes, in order to then implement targeted adjustments, because every each still so small course correction can change very much positively.
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  • Eliminating weak points and blind spots (personality analysis)
  • Solution-oriented handling of conflicts (conflict management)
  • Enforcement and communication of critical decisions (leadership training)
  • Development of clear & concise working relationships
  • Role play incl. video analysis
"Together we will work out your path to leadership!"