Detlef Konter

In more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, I gained an exceptional track record in the industrial, financial, banking and accounting communities, both in Germany and internationally.

From HQ treasury and regional treasury centers to the global accounting service centers of one of the largest German multinational companies - I was responsible for all employees and global processes including risk management and digitalization.


I can provide access to a global network of international banking contacts and audit firms and to treasury specialists in multinational corporations in Germany. I can advise global companies in the strategic and operational set up of global corporate functions. I like to provide broad expertise in all aspects of treasury, cash management and corporate finance.

  • Treasury Management
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Pension Management
  • Global Accounting Service Organizations
"I am driven by the aspiration of perpetual process improvement in the areas of finance and accounting. Working with internal specialists in a company is a very useful way to uncover inefficiencies, to improve the cost base and to reduce risks at the same time. In collaboration with other members of AAA-Advisors, our goal is to add real value to our clients’ administrative and operational functions."